Ever since 1983 Graham Sykes had a dream to be able to provide the right insurance policy for his clients, his passion for kit cars and Minis focused his attention on the market that had, like Graham a keen interest in being hands on and owning special vehicles. He recognised that people who were interested in vehicles also took care of them, hours of care and attention would not be thrown away easily. Graham recognised that having the right policy that matched his clients was critical; after all, they were not “ordinary people with ordinary cars”. Today we continue to provide specialist insurance for the following:

  • Classic
  • American
  • Kit
  • Modified
  • Ex-Military
  • Camper Vans

It soon became evident that in insuring these specialist vehicles, there was a whole group of others who spent their time carrying out their dreams and ambitions by selling things they made or bought or organising events for people to enjoy.

These people too, spent many hours largely unpaid to provide entertainment and opportunity for others. Whether the motivation for these people was for charity or to begin a business, having the right insurance is really important to us and of course for you. Today these specialist insurance policies are available to you: